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ABF clone, 276 TT cams, ported and polished PL head. Should be a ripper.
You using a US 16V head or? Because I have those JE pistons that were designed to run on an ABA bottom end with a 16V head... They all forged and **** just waiting to fall into the right motor. Combine those with the euro MkIII Recaro seats I have and we can just shove everything into the back of SOS's E38...

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I've got a bunch of radios I can hand out.

If you're BYOR, lets use FRS-1 20, which is 462.5625 with a 131.8hz tone.

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Flip flopping on which car to bring, but looking forward to the drive!
By the power vested in me by the Vortex Overlords, you're mandated by law to bring the vehicle documented in the first post of this legendary thread, my dude.

I said good day.

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It's time. Long overdue, but it's time you guys. We've talked about it, hinted at it, reminisced about it, yearned for it, and now let's do it.

The general route of the 2019 cruise seemed to work well so I'm proposing essentially the same roads but a different starting point:

View attachment 178145

Route map:
  • Leave the parking lot & WOT on the 10 onramp
  • Merge onto PCH as you unleash your exhaust in the tunnel
  • Right turn at Duke's and head north onto Las Flores Canyon/Piuma
  • Right turn on Las Virgenes Road, then West on Mulholland
  • Right turn on Cornell Road for a rest stop and photos @ Paramount Ranch
  • Then back south towards Mulholland to Kanan since The Snake is still closed
  • Wicked left turn onto Latigo for a technical downhill section towards PCH
  • Enjoy the views along the coast till we head north on Decker
  • Cool your oil/coolant/PS fluid as you cruise on 101 towards Italia Deli

Date: Saturday, May 14, 2022

Meet-up Time: 9:00 am

Roll-out Time: 9:30 am

Starting Point: Starbucks/Ralphs Parking Lot located @ 1644 Cloverfield Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Lunch: Italia Deli located @ 5657 Kanan Rd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Let's see those RSVPs! The canyons await.

  1. kiznarsh - 997
  2. MylesPH1 - Alfa 4C
  3. VadGTI - Mini
  4. Heinrich - V12 Vantage
  5. BsickPassat - Passat
  6. lostpswrd - Bentayga Hybrid
  7. greatfox - MR2 Spyder
  8. bzcat - 718 Spyder
  9. renegadeofpunk03 - Taco with loud tires
  10. thetopdog - C7
  11. what - B9 S4
  12. iheartphaetons - Rivian R1T
  13. Sake Bomb - 991.1 GT3 RS
  14. NailsInOurBacks - BRZ
  15. Vicks - F90 M5
  16. 1552 - 911SC
  17. Sold Over Sticker - E38 with PS cooler
  18. ragingduck - G82 M4
  19. Lwize - RAV4
  20. Spyderonnyquil - CTR
  21. BeBop! - Giulia
  22. mikegilbert - F80 M3
  23. whalemingo - Giulia
  24. eurojulien 318is - Volvo 850 Wagon
I'd like to attend, anywhere near there I can leave a carrier?

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I'm on a flight at 2:50pm freedom time and will arrive in CA by 4:10. Looking forward to meeting up with people for a couple of beers tomorrow night.
I’ll text you as I get close. If I’m in the area at a reasonable time I can grab you at the airport. Beers tomorrow night no matter what though.
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