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Offset on NB

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I have a 98' NB 2.0L. I want to buy some 18's and want to know what offset I need. I have NS sport springs and a H&R front swaybar. Anyone know??
The wheels I want are 18x8 w/ 38 offset. Will it work?

[Modified by shaolinmastr, 8:12 AM 12-2-2001]
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Re: Offset on NB (shaolinmastr)

Yep, ET38 should work fine. If you get some rubbing up front, get a pair of H&R 5mm spacers and you'll be good to go.
Re: Offset on NB (Deception)

what about the lug nuts? Are there longer ones available.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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