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Ok, this was rolling around in my head today.
Let's say we have two wheels. One is a teardrop, 14x6 et38.
the other is a _____. 14x8 et15.
Now since the 14x8's are so much wider, does the different offset make the centreline of the wheel in a different spot? If i had a 14x8 et38, would it fit the same as the teardrop, except with 2 inches extra on the outside? Does the 23mm difference in offset between the two kind of smooth things out?
Maybe I just don't know how offset works yet. I try and try, but my mind can't grasp this stupidly simple fact about wheels. Can you explain how offset works in relation to wheel width and whether one or the other affect themselves?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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