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Re: Offset? (vegandub)

I have an '84 GTI that has 15X7 Panasport wheels with 33 mm offset running 205/50 Falken Azenis. They clear no problem - it is tight, but they clear... and I have the factory adjustable camber set fully negative in the front. Don't know if your use of 225width tires might make it a bit too tight... could be closer?
With 13" wheels... I might think about using less offset - and move everything out a bit to increase track. I have actually gone with 5mm H&R spacers to effectively make my offset 28mm... so that I have a wider track. I have my car lowered about 1" and my tires just barely rub the lips of fenders (which are rolled) on heavy bumps... but if you are going to use 13" wheels, I think you could go with 8" width or approx 25 mm offset (or less) to widen the track, because you won't have the problem of worrying about clearing the fenders with such a small diameter wheel.
Anyway... the 32mm offset cleared the springs, struts, etc. on my car if that helps.
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