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well here in the burbs of the Twin Cities we don't see to many exotics rolling around, so when I saw this stuff at local dodge dealer today, I went alittle crazy.

First time I've ever seen a 360 in person.

IIRC he said it was a 2000, this car was actually in pretty tough shape. The black paint around the doorsills was flaking off, leather on the seats was cracked somewhat.. Had some nasty stonegard type film applied around most of the scoops and wheel wells that had yellowed/discolored badly. Had the F1 tranny, and some really dark mirror tint. Engine didn't look paticularily clean http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif Salesmen said it came up from florida and had been used in a few "rap video's" LOL
Car had 19" front and 20" rear HRE's
One thing I also noticed was that both lips on wheel wells in the front were bent up from the inside out in a few places.. I remember in the Mischeif 3000 video some guys with a 360 spider had the same problem. Actually my whole conversation was kind of funny with the salesmen, at first I'm going crazy walking up to it, (he's going crazy because he's used to selling neons
) then I started pointing out everything that was wrong with it
They were asking $150K for it

The yellow Viper was a leftover ACR still brand new http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
A Boxster S down the way too in a nice navy blue color http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif ...
Then all of a sudden they pull this thing around the front T-Rex!

A 315/35 17

Thing is tiny, and super low

Interior looked decent, your elbows are about 1 foot off the pavement when your sitting in it

had a 1200cc Kawasaki motor in it. "door sticker" said the weight was 1300lbs. They said it was $58,000 which seemed a bit excessive to me, but whatever.. Had some pretty trick adjustable front suspension, and the airbox is actually in the "roof" over the drivers head, then it feeds to the engine through two huge Vacuum cleaner hoses, pretty crazy looking http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
and I just stopped by to take a first hand look at an SRT-4 which they still haven't even gotten yet

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Re: Oh happy day! Modena, Viper ACR, T-rex content (FiveAinOne)

you failed to mention the rare silver gti..especially up here in mn...lame car..
and you need to get out more cause i see a 360 a week about
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