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Ohio junkyards

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This probably isn't really the right place to post this but... I need to find a recycler in the Cleveland, OH area that would have some A3 Jetta parts. Or if anyone in driving distance of Cleveland has a bumper, bumpercover, rad support, passenger side turn signal, and driver side headlight, I need these items right away.
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Re: Ohio junkyards (VW KEVIN G)

Kevin did you wreck the Jetta is that what it is all needed for?
Try 1-800-vwparts. I called them this week they seem to have everything if they don't they will look for you. They have some euro stuff to
Re: Ohio junkyards (TDi RAY)

There is a place called All Foreign in Columbus. It is a closed lot, but I saw that they have a lot of those parts on cars when I was there last weekend.
Yeah, did you get in a wreck Kevin?
Re: Ohio junkyards (PSI NRG)

Yes, I rearended a Dodge Dakota. I'm alright. My insurance company is really going to stick it to me on this one I imagine. The front end of my Jetta must be cursed. In the past two years I've had a cracked headlight, a tire tread from a semi hit the car, that repair start to peal off within 6 months (thanks to I'ts Gonna Be Cool Customs) a car back into my front end, my wheel come loose and mess up the front (thanks to Heisly Tire), and now this.

I guess I'm going to have Auto Graphs do the painting, I'm going to dissasemble and put together the car myself. I guess I'll have him fix a few of the other spots on the car that It's Gonna Be Cool Customs messed up. The only thing is my insurance gave me about $1000 to fix it and I want an Evo Grill and Euro lights. I don't have too much extra over the $1000 to spend so I need to find the rad support, bumper, bumper cover, and passenger side turn signal for dirt cheap. Any help you guys can give me to meet my goal would help alot.
Thanks, Kevin
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Re: Ohio junkyards (VW KEVIN G)

Damn dude, that sucks. Like I said the only place I know of that deals specifically in that stuff is All Foreign.
Re: Ohio junkyards (VW KEVIN G)

Take iti to Franky and dillian's autographs takes way to fricking long to do anything.
I will never take a car there agian and he isn't even that cheap.
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