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Oil change?

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A friend interested in a recent model Passat, B5 or 5.5.
He was informed that the oil change could be difficult because of a cover under the oil pan.
Is this true, and are there other service issues that should be considered in a used 1.8t model?
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Re: Oil change? (jzakGTI)

Re: Oil change? (jzakGTI)

the plastic belly cover is held on by some quarter turn plastic screws and one nut on the front of the cover. not hard at all to remove/reinstall. i did my oil change in about 30mins. it took longer to find the tools and clean up the oil than the oil change process itself.
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Re: Oil change? (schmove)

Thanks for the insight.
Btw, beautiful car http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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