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Oil consumption... issue or normal?

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I just picked up a 95 golf CL and I seem to be a quart or two low every tank of gas. There is no smoke coming from the car, not on start up, idle, or under load... what are the most likely causes? valve seals? piston rings?
I've had many Jetta's and golfs before, I know they do tend to burn when you are driving hard.... but I purposely took it easy on the car this tank...threw in some lucas oil, topped it up to see and it's low....
any suggestions?
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Re: Oil consumption... issue or normal? (punnzzells)

check obvious stuff
drive hard
then check for oil leaks under car
oil spits in exhaust tail pipe
wait to cool and check if coolant is brown
check breather pipe into inlet for excxessive oil
if all fail
do a compression check
if that fails your valve stem seals must be gone
if that fails, see a sangoma
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Re: Oil consumption... issue or normal? (punnzzells)

I think VW considers oil consumption up to 1L per 1000kms "normal", it sounds like you're well over that so Marius' suggestions apply.
Also, if it's valve seals leaking, that often won't be obvious either at idle or under load, rather it tends to show when you suddenly off load the engine. Have someone drive behind you (not too closely), accelerate up a hill briskly then suddenly let off the throttle completely, if the seals are leaking, that's when you'd most expect to see a puff of smoke.
Re: Oil consumption... issue or normal? (ABA Scirocco)

I would check your intermediate shaft & Crank shaft seals.
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