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Hi all,

I have an '08 A4 2.0T that is mixing coolant into the oil. Pulled the head but the gasket is good, no cracked valve seats, head is healthy. Vacuum check the turbocharger, the oil cooler, nothing. Found a crack in the coolant galley of the plastic oil filter housing assembly. Disappointing because this part is only 2 years old. A really poor design from Audi!

I reached out to Issam Abed and he has a cast version and is coming out with a billet edition.


My oil runs at 99° C (~210° F) and I'd like to keep it there. I don't want to over cool the oil.

A Mishimoto oil thermostat comes set for 85° C but has an option for 93°. Any idea which would be best?

Is a 10 row oil cooler enough? Maybe a 15?

Thank you for any input.


**edit - coolant galley, not oil...

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So Issam will have a new billet model coming out at some point and the thermostat is built in.

Due to the long term savings, I'll wait for it and put another plastic one on for now and throw it away/sell it when I'm done with it in a few months.

Issam did state a 15 row cooler is the minimum required. Didn't say on thermostat.
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