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oil in my intake, bad piston rings? bad valve seals?

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i've got a pretty decent amount of oil in my intake, and im wondering if the valve seals or piston rings are bad.
and short of rebuilding the motor, is there any cure for this?
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Re: oil in my intake, bad piston rings? bad valve seals? (JNXtheband)

Do a compression test before you get too worried. Doing a dry then a "wet" compression test will give you a rough idea if it's rings, stem seals or even a head gasket problem.
The best scenario would be an overfilled crankcase: 16Vs are really sensitive to oil fill level, and have a way of "puking" oil out the breather into the intake if even slightly overfilled.
Hoping for the best...
Re: oil in my intake, bad piston rings? bad valve seals? (BFDeihl)

i think its pretty normal if you just have a tad. but if there is a puddle or the sides are soaked. then you may have a problem.
back from the dead after 10 years :laugh:. Im having the same problem with my aba 16v. The engine was freshly rebuild top to bottom and i have put about 4k on it since. The engine doesn't smoke at all (or at least not noticeble) but im having to top off the oil about 1 litre every 600km. So today i took the intake off and sure enough the walls on the bottom intake where covered in oil. Anyone know if this is a head or bottoms end problem?
Have you done a compression test? Dry and wet. Do you have a catch can for crankcase ventilation, Or is that still hooked up to intake?
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