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Oil leak, or messy last oil change? V6 00 Variant.

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I just bought my wife a 00 variant w/ V6 19K. It's a certified car as I bought it from a VW dealer. Its time time for the first oil change. I'm a little hesitant to send her to one of the quicky oil change places. This was fine with a bread and butter common car, but I fear they will screw up on the must less common Passat.
Since this is a forum, I'm would guess that I'll get lots of change you own oil comments, and I do change my own on a regular basis, but with 4 cars and other drivers, I can't keep up with all of them.
Anyone regularly use an oil change place without issue? My concerns are overfilling and using the wrong fluids.
Also, I'm getting drips on the garage floor. I would hope I don't have a leak and the last oil change guy just made a mess of everything while pulling the filter. Is this a common problem?
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Re: Oil leak, or messy last oil change? V6 00 Variant. (Robadele)

That happened to my 1.8T when I went in for an oil change. I watched the guy pull the filter. The oil goes all over the suspension. A couple days later I noticed oil all over my garage floor. The leftover oil dripped onto the belly pan and onto the floor. I put some cardboard under the car and haven't noticed another drip.
Re: Oil leak, or messy last oil change? V6 00 Variant. (not_too_shabby)

The same thing happened to me on the first oil change...wasn't a good feeling seeing fresh oil on the garage floor at 8,000km!!! Ackkkk....thank goodness it was just spilled oil.
Re: Oil leak, or messy last oil change? V6 00 Variant. (Robadele)

I've only got 2 cars, have NEVER had my oil changed by someone else (in 40+ years of driving/car ownership) and feel that my 2000 GLX Variant is one of the easier change jobs of the last several vehicles I've owned. Although ramps are a requirement, the filter is satisfyingly accessable. And, there's no better way to tell where a leak is coming from than getting under the car yourself and looking at the bottom of the engine! Removing the splash cover is one of the challenges of a B5 oil change - lots of posts have documented screw-ups (no pun intended!), particularly not reinstalling the cover correctly so that it drops off, Kamakazi-like, after a few days or weeks. I've solved that by leaving the cover off - saves 20+ minutes per change. Incidently, I'll reinstall it for a 1800 mile trip we'll be taking around Christmas - protects from salt and other longer-term road gunk. Overfilling, overtightening the filter and/or oil drain plug are among the other "usual suspect" errors folks have mentioned in other oil change fiasco posts. Even dealers have been known to mess up. If you literally can't do it yourself, I'd find a place where at least one of the techs "knows" Passats.
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