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Oil lights, and leaks

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Why is it that in Vdubs the oil light comes on no matter what and they leak so much or is my car just a piece of crap?
Any suggestions on why or how to stop either problems would be greatly appreciated.!

Fyv 'O Lene
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Re: Oil lights, and leaks (fyv)

well 2 things..
parts are damaged
or u dont know what ur doing.
not being mean btw
what is leaking? the oil pan? the valve cover gasket?
Every oil change u should replace the washer copper drain bolt washer.
new oil filter mann or bosch or dealer oil filter
and check ur valve cover gasket and replace if necessary..

if ur oil light is on, are u low on oil? try repalcing the oil sensors on the block and oil filter, they are cheap and that may be a simple fix.
simple stuff man, u gotta isolate stuff, where is is leaking from?
what oil do u use ?
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Re: Oil lights, and leaks (Tbird Pimpistik)

no the oil light comes on after the car has been on for a while ( even after oil changes and all that) and goes off when you rev the car. And it leaks like from rain inside the car sunroof door jams etc... i have owned four Vdubs and all of them did this or some thign like it.
Fyv 'O Lene
Re: Oil lights, and leaks (fyv)

well where is it leaking from?
why dont u fix the leak?
if ur oil light comeson something is wrong man
maybe ur pump is dying
or a sensor
Re: Oil lights, and leaks (Tbird Pimpistik)

could be low on oil, could be a weak oil pump (most likely), could be a dead oil pressure sensor. I would start by locating the leadk and fixing it.
Re: Oil lights, and leaks (The_Jerbel)

Thanks guys, i appreciate the help i will try these fixes and see what i get!
Anymore suggestions are welcome!!!! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Oil lights, and leaks (fyv)

there really isnt much more anyone can really say..
find out where its leaking from and fix it

while back i had a oil leak from my oil pan and turns out i was using the same copper washer for years, i didnt know that was supposed to be changed- every oil change.. same with my valve cover gasket its leaking and i have to install a new one..
since i found vortex i have learned a wealth of knowledge on dubs and maintinence.. just find ur leak and where it is and reply in here and we can help ya
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Re: Oil lights, and leaks (fyv)

what viscosity oil are you using? sounds like maybe it's thinning out too much when it comes up to temp. Do you tend to add gas additives (FI cleaners and stuff)? Those get into the oil, so they should generally be added on the second to last fill up before you change the oil (the tank that you go through before changing oil). And of course, there's the stuff everyone else already said.
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