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ok i have a jetta gli 1.8t with 66000 miles on it. and last week, my oil pressure light came on while driving, so i killed the engine and checked my oil real fast. seemed fine with what i could on the side of the road so i got home and changed out all my oil and filter. drove again and it came back on once the engine heated up and i was above 1500 RPMs. if i say under 1500, it does not come on. so this week, i dropped the oil pan and cleaned out some orange plastic pieces from what i assume is part of the dipstick. put it back together, and still came back on. i use mobil one full syn extended performance since i first bought the car and i am the only owner. any thoughts on what it is and please dont say the oil pump....make it something easier please hahaha
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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