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One troubling possibility is the dreaded 1.8T sludge problem. I had a similar issue recently and took my car to a sharp local mechanic. As I recall, he replaced the (internal) oil pickup screen, put several changes of oil through the engine and put me on a short oil change interval for a couple of changes.

As I understand the legend, heat soakback from turbo "cokes" ( i.e. cooks ) the oil which encourages sludge-goo to build up in the engine. The sludge starts blocking oil passages (like the pickup screen). Frequent oil changes are supposed to help. Running the engine hard (high turbo temps) and the suddenly shutting the car off (without spending some time at idle to let the turbo cool) is supposed to hurt. Consider the story hearsay as I am not a mechanic myself.

I will say, the good ones are worth what they charge. The hard part is finding a good one.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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