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Oil Pressure question

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When I am up to operating temp, the oil psi guage reads 2-4 bars during driving. However, at idle, it drops to 1, or less! Is there a problem?
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Re: Oil Pressure question (VR66m!)

your oil pressure guage down by the shifter should NEVER go below 2 at idle. if it does that means not enough pressure, and maybe you have a bad oil pump.
Mine varies, but it never goes below 2. what is your oil temps read?
Re: Oil Pressure question (jininkan)

Ditto that, you've got problems if your pressure is below 2 bar at idle.
Re: Oil Pressure question (VR6guy)

It also depends what type of oil you are using.
Re: Oil Pressure question (Shier Khan)

I'd agree, it also depends on the thickness of your oil. But should be by that much though. Once its warmed up, it should be at worst case over 1.5 bar.
Re: Oil Pressure question (VR66m!)

never below 2 bar at idle but I would look into the oil your running before swapping oil pumps.
Re: Oil Pressure question (BadAssCorrado)

I'm running Mobil 1 5/30 in the winter. My oil temps are normal (200ish). What's involved in changing the pump? Is there any way to check it other than by the guage?
Re: Oil Pressure question (VR66m!)

10 psi/1000rpm is the rule of thumb... 1 bar = 14.5psi so i guess its safe but normal...dunno
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Re: Oil Pressure question (G60_Likes_2_Break)

My oil light is not coming on, either (and I know it works). Does that mean I'm in the clear?
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