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Oil warning light

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I have noticed this problem several times especially when it is about time to change the oil. The oil warning light will come on when I make a really hard turn and then it will go off. I don't understand why it is dong this. The car is not leaking oil anywhere (at least I haven't noticed on my garage floor) and I know that I put enough oil in when I change the oil. I use synthetic 5W 40 but I used to use regular 20W 50 because of my mileage (over 100K). But it didn't matter because it use to do it with regular oil. Anybody else have this problem?

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Re: Oil warning light (Jwchan)

Check your oil level regularly (every fill-up or every other fill-up). Your oil level is probably low, setting off your oil pressure sensor, because the oil is sloshing around it. VR6's burn oil more than they leak it.
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Re: Oil warning light (vr6Cop)

sounds like low oil levels check it out.
Re: Oil warning light (kingofA2`s)

Same deal, happens when I am low on oil and make a sharp turn; add oil, no more oil light!
Re: Oil warning light (SparkGLXVR6)

Always check your levels between changes. If I know I will be driving more than an hour I usually check it to make sure!
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