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ok, bought the 95 glx

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well, pretty much anyway. going to pick it up on monday.
i talked him down to $6k from $6900 b/c of a few problems-
needs new suspension, which i was going to do anyway
the drivers side door lock does not do anything when i turn the key, guessing bad plunger thing
the speedo goes out over bumps (loose wire?), but he is going to get this fixed for me
pass side rear window doesnt work, but it clicks (?)
needs the breather hose on the front of the airbox replaced
needs a vacuum line by the master cylinder
suitcase muffler has a small crack, but doesnt leak yet, he will also get this taken care of
one foglight out- how do you replace the bulb?
93k miles, perfect bbs wheels, red/black, totally stock
as far as the suspension goes, how does bilstein/autotech sound? since they have that 20% off deal going now and all.
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Re: ok, bought the 95 glx (Samson)

Congrats, you will love the car, especailly the sweet VR under the hood. Unfortunately the window sounds like a bad regulator, which is about $200 for the part alone. Other than that, you should buy a Bentley manual and have fun....
Re: ok, bought the 95 glx (EuroStyle)

i think that i'll leave that window alone for a while.
what about the suspension? autotech springs any good?
Re: ok, bought the 95 glx (Samson)

Someone has window regulators for sale in the classified section for $150. Not sure if they are still there. The title was Parting out his car or something.
Re: ok, bought the 95 glx (Sebeck1)

congrats man, I have the same car.
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