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ok everyone, get out your Bentley, cause I found something neat!

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Hey everyone. Like most of us, I was browsing through my Bentley the other day, and something stopped me in the Body And Interior section (11). If you go to page 26 in that section (thats right, run and get it!), on the bottom left hand corner of the page, there is a diagram of a front view of a Fox, showing the grill removal. Look closely at the lower section of the bumper. Notice anything different/odd? I know, the newer Fox's didn't have turn signals in the bumper, but look below the bumper, into the "plastic bumper cover"...
...don't those look like the driving lights that Z has for sale on ebay? (sort of)
Also, there are no tow hooks!
But, if you turn the page to 28, and look on the bottom left, you see that the diagram shows the back veiw of the normal bumper from a Fox1 body style, turnsignals and all. But no driving lights.
Just noticed that also on page 26, the picture on the top-left shows the bumper from the front, with the turnsignals in the bumper, and the tow hooks.
Did Bentley have access to aftermarket parts that we don't know about?
Just some thoughts.
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Re: ok everyone, get out your Bentley, cause I found something neat! (dtompsett)

Good eye, Doug! I never noticed that picture (and how it's different)!
One thing that you are probably already aware of, is that the Fox as we got it in North America, was pretty much the base model from Brazil with their GL dashboard and a 1.8 engine (and whatever modifications it needed to be legally sold here - emissions, crash test standards, etc.). The bumper cover that Zarrir is selling is probably an aftermarket-made piece (because it's not ridiculously expensive), but bumpers with integrated fog lights came stock on some BX models in Brazil. As did the tinted taillights, clear corners, Recaro interiors, 220 km/h speedometers, power windows and door locks, sport engines, and tons more. Their Gol GTI and Gol GTS were roughly the equivalent of our Rabbit GTIs - a "hot hatch" that was affordable, quick and loads of fun to drive, and of course modified in the aftermarket. The picture in the Bentley is probably of what a Fox could have been, had they imported more than mere base models.
Something that's been on my mind: is the turbo kit from Zarrir not intercooled? [No, I can't afford one anytime soon.]
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Re: ok everyone, get out your Bentley, cause I found something neat! (dtompsett)

That is pretty neat. Good eye!
I've only seen one intercooler in a Turbo'd BX from Brazil. Leads me to believe most are either running low boost, 3-6psi, or that ethanol's octane rating really doesn't allow detonation.
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