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OK, I give up!

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Last week I drove 270 miles to the middle of nowhere for a passat moonroof assembly. They opened it up, it 's a damn sunroof! I get back, get a moonroof over the net , turns out it's just the glass! Ugh! I'm going to have to buy a used Passat, and wreck it so I can get the damn moonroof parts!!
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Re: OK, I give up! (vdubjb)

I think you can use your current track. Am I wrong?
Re: OK, I give up! (Corrado4Life)

just replace your sunroof with the moonroof use your tracks itl work....
Re: OK, I give up! (vdubjb)

I bought an SLC w/ a monroof. Although it works, I don't think it's the right one, perhaps a golf/jetta model. It's to curvy, so the middle part sticks up to far and make lots of wind noise. Using lots of 6mm washers to shim to the tracks down and adjusting the panel, I got the center section to sit flush now. However the sides are now too low, but at least it doesn howl like a banshee anymore.
If you want to unload that glass panel and it's the passat one, send me an email. I think there's a part number on the glass to verify it's for a passat.
Re: OK, I give up! (K-FIZZEES SLCZ)

quote:[HR][/HR]just replace your sunroof with the moonroof use your tracks itl work....[HR][/HR]​

thats the thing. his assembly is busted. jeb, if you can wait, i'll look up in mass in the coming months at wrecking yards for you.
Re: OK, I give up! (ToddOne)

Go to a Junk Yard and order one... I did hehe Got a 94... busted and then took it back for a 97 or 98 much better and it kicks some major ass!!
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Re: OK, I give up! (BlackieVR6)

How do you order a part at a junkyard?, lol I can't believe some jackass sold me just the glass.
Re: OK, I give up! (vdubjb)

Just tilt your sunroof remove the panel (4 t25's Screws) & replace it w/the glass. Your also gonna have to remove two small rockers (one on each side). the one's w/ the small recoil springs if you wanna use the Passat roof panel door, which you did'nt mention..meaning your roof panel will always be opened/exposed. Still your 75% ahead if you can install the glass, the door you can always get later.
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Re: OK, I give up! (Ricky)

My current roof can only tilt up. The rocker on the left is split in half. So it won't go back down. The little rubber piece is off as well. It stopped sliding over a year ago.
Re: OK, I give up! (vdubjb)

I just replaced with the glass panel and removed the plastic interior cover. Works for me.
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