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ok so within the next couple of months i have some money to spend. within 2k and 3k.
stuff thats on my list to get.
-rear euro lights (cuz this car is goin to portugal) price?
-lights switch price?
-vagcom so fog light works price?
-monster mats 69.95
-sway bay 240.00
-chrome mirrors 120.00
-s6 LED's price?
so with all of that my limit is now reduced another thing i had in mind would be either suspension or coilover kit (im sorry not good with names but w.e. is necessary in order to lower the car and improve handleing.)
any more ideas?
thanks in advance.

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Re: ok i set my limit (SUPERman732)

I would scratch the euro tail lights and just get the Euro LEDs, you'll probably want that later anyway, and the same amount of work is going to go into getting the Euro Tail lights and Rear fog to work as the LEDs.
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