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Dude! I used to get 26+ on a good day almost 28 mpg. Now I get 18-20mpg. Car is 92 Corrado VR6 OBD1 Distributor. I've replaced:
- New O2
- Good MAF
- no vacum leaks
- new evaporator valve
- good FPR
- new plugs
- new wires
- new fuel filter
- cleaned injectors
What could it be? TPS? Coolant temp sensor? I see alot of guys have this problem, someone has to know where to look! at $3.20/gallon I HAVE TO FIX IT!!!!!! Any info would help roght now. THANKS http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: OK raise your had who gets 18-20 mpg! WTF seriously!!! (300B)

Quote, originally posted by 300B »
Drive slower

Is your air and fuel filters clean?
Ever run any kind of fuel injection cleaner?

It would do it driving 65 under cruise ctrl, so that aint it

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its the gas. Most gas now conatains 10% Ethanol. Which is well, not gasoline. It is less powerful and therefore requires your car to burn more to make the same power.
BTW- I get the sticker stated 25mpg on the hiway and about 12 in the city.. Why? cause I live ion NYC where it takes 45mins to go 3 miles. Some routes get me a bit closer to stated 18, but not during rush hr.

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Re: OK raise your had who gets 18-20 mpg! WTF seriously!!! (Hany)

Driving conservatively my 93 SLC averages 27-29 hwy @70-75mph
I kid you not!! At 65 mph Ive gotten it up to 31 but who drives at 65?

Have you ever had your injectors balanced? Mine were done at Cruzin Performance with a before and after flow readout. This was done @ 116k. 4 of the 6 injectors had in increase of flow after the clean/balance. You would think this would lower the mpg.
The injectors spray at a more efficient rate bettering the mpg. This was done with everything else you mentioned including a new fuel pump becasue the old one was failing.
Also check your O2 harness @ the firewall. A typical wire break Ive seen all too many times on the raddos. Sometimes the break is not as noticable. So check closely.

I reparied it, also installed a new O2 sensor... runs great!


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