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OKAY decided

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Will go with 2.0 ABA to replace 1.7 liter in 82 Rabbit,I understand I can keep the CIS.....NOW what other conversions do I have to do??????Transmission??From 4spd to 5?Can I keep the 4spd?DOES it bolt to ABA?Any change in CV axles?Any extra wiring?I need help before I begin the conversion.Would a 6 pack help?And a bag of pretzels?Thanks again guys(gals) or whoever.
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Re: OKAY decided (GTXMAN)

You need a 1.8 head, I'd use a GTI solid lifter.
and a distributor adapter ring, ABA gear and warm reg mounting plate (TT has em)
Your trans will bolt right up with your existing axles, etc.
You'll most likely want to upgrade the clutch to a 210mm unit also.
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