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okay ... now this problem..grrrr...

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dont knwo if uve ever had this problem.. i think i need a new ignition switch or something. whenever i turn it on, sometimes the radio wont turn on. So i have to fiddle with the key in the ignition and it will turn on the radio. it happened when i installed the A/F gauge. I was thinking maybe a short? If cant fnd one....
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Re: okay ... now this problem..grrrr... (JimGTIVR6)

mine just shorted out temporarily while driving. The seat belts started retracting, and the radio cut out. I think there linked...
Re: okay ... now this problem..grrrr... (JimGTIVR6)

That sounds like your ignition switch in your lock cylinder! there are a know vw problem. It might be it might not be but thats what I would check 1st http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: okay ... now this problem..grrrr... (benzivr6)

I agree withe brooklyn pimp .... sounds like ignition switch and lock assembly
Re: okay ... now this problem..grrrr... (VWpowa)

so how much is an ignition switch?
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