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hey everyone! just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we've got a big sales event happening today at the dealership.
we've got the oom-pah-pah band making noise in their funny hats, we've got the stainless grille doing a number on sausages and hotdogs, and if you like the taste of rotting barley and hate getting drunk, we've also got loads of near-beer to gorge yourselves on.

prices of food and drink are as follows:
schneiders hot dog:
near beer:
bottled pop/H2O:
proceeds from the sales of the sausages, hot dogs, and refreshments will go to the oakville memorial hospital. in addition, a portion of all cars we've sold today will also go to the hospital.
good weather, good chow, great cars. come on down and have a look around, folks.
for anyone that doesn't know, we're located at 1355 north service rd in oakville, north of the QEW, just east of third line.

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