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After owning the Jetta for about 2 years, I figured that I really ought to make a thread. Mainly for myself to document the work that I have done on it, but also because I always enjoy seeing what other people in the community are doing.

This is my daily driver. It is nothing special, except that it is the most economic and versatile vehicle I have and will ever own.

I purchased it in spring of '17 from a family member who had purchased the vehicle new back in 03. It had 141k on it and was a bit beat up and rather dirty.

Picture of the good side after bringing it home. You can see my dad's 02 wagon in the background. Story is my dad bought the 02 new, and my grandparents then decided to buy the 03 a year later.

One of the first things I did was clean out the intake and potentially complete all of the steps for an EGR delete.

The intake manifold...

The anti-shudder valve..

I cleaned the manifold and also touched it up just a bit with the Dremel to the size of the gasket to theoretically maximize airflow.

More to follow!
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