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why is it that i have bad timing buying a damn car? GRRRRRRRRRR

first it was when i wanted to buy a gti...then i crashed my car. so i didnt have a choice and had to buy my car right then and there but then vw is coming out with this is mid 2004...DAMMIT!
for those of u who got ur eurotuner...you read all about the performance mods? AYSUS. this is a pretty sweet concept though.

Exterior Colors:
•Blue Lagoon
•Tornado Red
•Black Magic
•Platinum Gray
Standard Equipment
•6-speed manual 1.8T, 180hp
•Front bumper and front chin spoiler
•Rear bumper and rear valance
•Side skirts
•Rear spoiler
•Performance summer tires
•Lowered sport suspension
•Visible single stainless exhaust
•Front and rear disk brakes with red brake calipers
•3-spoke perforated leather steering wheel with gray stitching
•Hand brake and boot perforated leather with gray stitching
•Shift knob with “GLI” badge
•Alloy interior treatment (pedals, foot rest, door sills)
•Recaro sport seats GLI badge
•18” BBS alloy wheels
•Power sunroof
•Monsoon Sound System
•Multi-function trip computer
•Front fog lights
•Black floor mats with gray stitching
•Gray and black interior
•Brushed metal applications (door handles, locking knobs)
•Front and rear “GLI” badge in red
•Darkened headlights and taillight
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Modified by BeBeGurL at 9:52 PM 1-6-2004

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Re: OMG EVERY TIME!!! (bastion72)

the 2k4 gli's look pretty sick....
http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gifesp. the tails http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: OMG EVERY TIME!!! (rsrm491)

Quote, originally posted by rsrm491 »

oh...so THAT's how you spell that!

Why not just trade in your Jetta for the GLi when it comes out?

LOLZ. yah thats how u spell it. i dont wanna deal wit i gotta take out everything and have to put stuffs in. my sounds for example. u know? plus all that paper work...AHHHHHHHHHH
but oh well. a girl can dream can't she? hehehe.

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get some BBS RCs and IM pizzy for the tail lights. no one would know it's not 6 spd. but i feel your pain 4 month ago bought a new GMC Envoy and now I see the commercial for the new one w/ sliding rear and a bunch of other stuff. ah but it's all good
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