A few weeks ago, we were feeling a bit ambitious, so we called up our friends at Fourtitude and Swedespeed and hatched a plan.  As a result, we woke early on the morning of July 25th and our trio of wagons made the trek to metro DC’s Katie’s Cars & Coffee gathering in Great Falls, VA for an impromptu get together. The photos you see here were shot that morning.


Okay, the idea having been hatched some 48 hours before showtime meant this wasn’t a terribly serious endeavour. Even still, our wagon-centric current fleet of project cars begged for a playdate and this seemed a good time. Even better, we weren’t the only ones flying the wagon flag.


We did count several Audi Avants in the parking lot, although we were the lone Volkswagen long-roof. Turns out they were there due to a suggestion posed on Fortitude's social media account and we thank them for attending. And because of that showing, Audi was the best represented amongst the brands with longroof driving attendees.


Of course, our German and Swedish lineup wasn’t the only grouping of wagons. Other notables included a vintage Chevy Belair, a Ford Fairlane with 351 Ford Motorsport V8 swap, a Land Rover Defender 110 and a Cadillac CTS-V.


So, was our meetup a success? Well, it’s fair to say the sportscars had us dreadfully outnumbered, but we’d still say yes. The mix of wagons on hand was a great representation of the breadth of this once uber popular body style and we hope our presence is just the tip of a resurgence. That our efforts to lobby the wagon cause took place in what is essentially Washington, DC is not missed on us.


Check out a full gallery from Katie’s via our photographic archive linked below and also to the right of this story.