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One for you cooling system experts.

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cars a 92 GTi 8v... here's the problem.. car always runs really cool, (down in the white area of the gauge display) until im at a stop for about 5 or more minutes she starts getting hot and temp keeps climbing rapidly, if i start moving again she goes back down to where she normally runs at... its done this for about a year and ive checked everything.. any suggestions??
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Re: One for you cooling system experts. (ottawanker)

quote:[HR][/HR]Do you ever hear the fan come on?[HR][/HR]​
If if does not turn on, you'd better check the fuse. If the fuse its good, than its the fan switch or the a loose or broken connection under the hood. I had a blown fuse when I had the same problem. Replaced it and bingo..back to normal.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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