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yeah, I ran searches, but my question consists of useing the three major parts from threee different cars. reason... I want to use the 9A ke-motronic setup off a 90 gli.
1.8 16v 87-89 PL ke-jetronic *head* (don't have)
2.0 8v 1995 ABA motronic *block and pistons* (at junkyard)
2.0 16v 1990 9A ke-motronic *complete fuel system, ecu, and wiring harness and all the basic engine additional parts*(at junkyard)
and the transmission i was thinking 020 off the 95 aba at the junkyard. anyone got the 1-5 ratios for the 90-92 16v tranny and the stock 020 tranny?
ok I was wondering if a setup like this would work. I heard the comp with the aba block and 1.8 16v head is like 8.1, BTW I want to go turbo. now can a setup like this work? what parts will I need to make it work. I read in a search and it says parks like intermediate shaft and a distributor for the aba block when useing the 9A stuff.
I just want to double check to see that with a 1990 ke-motronic, not cis, not digi that the 1.8 16v head will bolt up the the 95 aba block.
now just to double check, what other parts will I need? I want the low compression for turbo, so don't bother giving me facts on ways to raise it.
also, if you can find a post that has my specific block head engine management combo, please post the url and embares my dumb ass http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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