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Wheels in good condition and currently on a 2006 Bentley Continental GT.

Willing to separate wheels/tires, but buyer will have to pay for removal.

Paid about $1,500 for the tires last year (~$360 each plust tax); Looks like tire rack has these for $1,460 after tax (nj 6%) . Bought last year and have receipts with car mileage.

Package deal: $2,200


Tires: 1,200 + cost of removal; Guessing a total of 1,300

Wheels: 1,200 + cost of tire removal; Guessing a total of 1,300

These are the wheels and glad to send individual detailed pictures. (tires aren't the new ones)

Selling only because I got larger wheels.

Full disclosure: I'm still driving the car on occasion and If the tires reach 100+ miles, I'll likely just keep them since until worn out as I'm not sure if anyone will want used up tires. Will provide mileage at time of inquiry so you know exactly how many miles are on them.

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