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Opinions needed.

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I need your guys opinion on two things. I was going to post this in the wheel forum but I really just want Corrado opinions. I am looking to get new rims either 16s or 17s and I want to know which size you guy would prefer and why?
Also, I'm thinking of either one of these two which one would you guys and girls(can't forget the girls) would look the best.
1. Mille Miglia Spiders
2. ATS Venus Click link for pic, you'll have to go into the corrado list to see them.
Thanks alot for your views.
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Re: Opinions needed. (fluid72)

Sorry forgot the link
Re: Opinions needed. (fluid72)

16" and lower it, itll look and handle great. I didnt wanna try 17" MO
Re: Opinions needed. (fluid72)

from another thread:
quote:[HR][/HR]" Guys, i have money but no imagination or taste or opinion of my own so i come to you with the question of what rims should i get to match my mini-mast fuba? Remember...YOUR vote counts because i will make my purchasing according to this poll which is just as useless as a presidential poll. Then i will be impressing all of you because i have gotten the rims that YOU wanted on MY car."[HR][/HR]​
Re: Opinions needed. (BLUE NRG)

Alllllllrighty then.
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Re: Opinions needed. (fluid72)

between your two choices i prefer the ats stlyle better.. i also agree with nick go with 16''.. but thats just me
happy shopping
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Re: Opinions needed. (V arrrr SIX)

Thanks for the info. Has anyone running 215-40-16 had problems with rubbing. I have a stock suspension.
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