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opinions on skoda octavia tdi?

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I'm thinking on trading my VW Bora 2.0 auto for the skoda TDI, what do you think?
Is the Ovtavia platform the same as the Bora?
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Re: opinions on skoda octavia tdi? (jcv14)

Hi Jcv14,
The octavia is indeed based on the bora, aka jetta in the usa.
Re: opinions on skoda octavia tdi? (jcv14)

The Octavia and Bora share teh same platform (A4 platform nothing to do with Audi A4) Same as VW Golf, Seat Toledo, new beetle, and Audi A3 and TT I believe.
They are very similar the Octavia being slightly longer 4511mm against 4376mm for the Bora.
The boot is bigger on The Octavia and is more useful as its a Hatch.

The TDI engine offers about the same power as your current 2.0 both accelaration and top speed although the 2.0 just has the edge on paper.
However the TDI is obviously a lot more more economical.
Noise wise the TDI is quite and unobtrusive. The TDI is a good seller new and secondhand.

Its a personal choice but I dont think you will be disapointed should you choose the Octavia
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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