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so whats the deal with these?
i see them all the time but never knew what they were but
i've got the fox wagon and a 90 corrado g60
that i want to relocate the batteries
should i look into the red,yellow or blue
any info would be awsome

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Re: optima batteries? (midnightsun)

The "Optima" is just a brand of gel cell batteries.
Pros of a Optima yellow:
* Deep cycling and cranking power
* Up to 2x longer life
* More than 15x the vibration resistance
* Completely spill-proof, mountable in many positions
* Maintenance free
* Faster recharging capabilities
* Optimal starting power, regardless of temperature
* No venting of toxic or corrosive gasses, can mount in the car with
out a vented battery box
* it has a self-discharge rate much lower than conventional flat-plate
batteries. This means the OPTIMA can sit for longer periods
retaining enough charge to start your vehicle
(good for me with cars that i dont drive often)
* Price
I like the yellow top. the blue is good too. i would stay away from the red (if you deep cycle the red it don't come back the same)

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