The mother ship is calling . Every year, some of Europe’s finest hoonigans and car nuts get together at a little lake in Austria to celebrate the brand they love: Volkswagen.

This year, it’s your chance to go thanks to Volkswagen and Orchid Euro. Devotees might remember that friend of the site, Jamie Orr, took his 1996 Golf Harlequin from Pennsylvania to Austria last year to attend the annual show, and this year he’s going back and he’s bringing friends.

If you own a VW and want to take it all the way to Wörthersee, this is your chance. The trip will ship up to seven vehicles and their owners to Europe for a 12 day road trip across four countries, to stay at a luxury apartment on the banks of the aptly named, lake Wörthersee.

Everyone who goes can bring a co-pilot, with whom they’ll take tours of museums in Wolfsburg, Ingolstadt, Gmund, and more.

Best of all, though, the organizers are taking care of all the logistics. They’ll figure out how to get your car shipped (on VW’s new vehicle shipping vessel) to Europe and you flown there and back for the low, low price of $2,900 per person.

Read the full details, including an itinerary and how to get involved at