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Hello - Ive posted a spreadsheet on google docs that contains info on orders, specs, deliveries, etc, so that everyone can go to one place to track their progress toward delivery, and see how others are faring based on their location and what they ordered.
Please have a look :

If you want to add your info, please let me know by emailing me at [email protected] or posting your email address here so I can send you an invite that will give you editing privileges.
Please join in with your info! The more interest the more useful the spreadsheet. As you all know, we need as much distraction as possible while we wait, so this will add to the fun.

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Re: Order tracking spreadsheet now up and running on Google Docs! (gdd9000)

If you dont have gmail, you wont be able to edit the worksheet, but I can enter your info for you if you are interested. Just provide :
UserID (nickname from forum you joined from)
Name of forum
Order Date
order country
order state/city
Year 08 or 09
Model A5 or S5
Transm (6/tip)
Color (int/ext)
Any non-standard options? (y/n)
Deposit $ (not required)
Discount from MSRP
Commission # (y/n)
Build date
Promised delivery date
Revised delivery date
Delay Reason
Actual Delivery date (at dealer)
We're up to about 15 people now...long way to go!
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