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**Orlando Vortexers Please Help**

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I am looking for a guy that worked at the VW Dealership off of Lee Rd.(Royal I think) He works in the mechanics shop area. He drives this nice New Beetle. I am looking for him to because I need to find a good mechanic that knows about VW's. If anyone can help me locate him I would appreciate it !! Thanks.
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Re: **Orlando Vortexers Please Help** (DaBrown)

There are several guys there that are good! The service writer with the bug his name is Jay. There is Mark that drivves a red Jetta and Albert that is a tech that has a blue Golf. But if you have a hard question the Guru is Alex. One of the nicest guys in the world. We also have a shop that only does performance work its called BHP. It is off of 434. Email me and I can help you out some more!
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Re: **Orlando Vortexers Please Help** (vedubin01)

Talk to Larry in Oviedo.
His name here at the vortex is -> MacedoMotorsports
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Re: **Orlando Vortexers Please Help** (Senna 1.8T)

Thanks For The Help. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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