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Re: ot: any labor laywers in socal? (kwiksilver99)

Quote, originally posted by kwiksilver99 »
i've got a couple questions for any lawyers specializing in labor laws, if you can send me a pm that would be great! thanks alot

Do you work at Dakota's steak house? Im only asking because I had to almost take them to the labor board. If you go onto the internet and type in http://www.dir.ca.gov/dlse/faq_paydays.htm you will pull up the labor board page regarding pay outs and pay days. If for what ever reason that doesn't pull up I would just google search CA state labor board.
I do know for a fact though that if for what ever reason you get fired from a job they have to give you your final pay out right then and there on the spot.
If you leave on your own the company legaly has 72 hours to give you a final pay out. Took me almost two weeks to get my final pay out from Dakota's
Then when I researched the labor board and read about the 72 hour period and mentioned the labor board to them for what ever reason the suddenly had my money
(law suit fears?)

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