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other vw web sites!

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What are some?
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Re: other vw web sites! (JETTAJUNKEE)

http://www.pocketrocket.on.ca (fantastic informational website) http://www.parts4vws.com (mainly an online store, but some cool info also)
Re: other vw web sites! (JETTAJUNKEE)

I like this one: http://www.20vturbo.com
and there is this one: http://www.18turbo.com
of cause the are for the 1.8t vw
Re: other vw web sites! (VR_Zoom)

Here is my personal website:
There is alot of pictures, destop images, winamp skins, ghetto are, links to other VW related websites, etc..
I hope this helps,
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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