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Re: Out of state inspections... (Ro-Bear)

Call NJ and see what they require. Tell them why you are living out of state and see what they tell you.
I lived in Utah, but came home to Maryland for an extended stay, wasnt school related or anything like that, I was just in between jobs and came home to live with the family for several months.
During that time my Utah registration came up for renewel which is every year and inspections were required every year. I called Utah and told them i was away from home for an indefinate period ot time and didnt even still hold an address in Utah because I let my apartment go, wasnt going to pay rent for all the months I wasnt there.
They said that I could be released from having the safety inspection done, but had to have it smog inspected where I was, and to just get the paperwork showing it passed and fill out the exemption forms that Utah would send me. I did and got my new stickers.
Just call them and find out. If you have a good reason for not living in NJ then they should have a way to accomadate you. Especially if you can show a permanent address in NJ.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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