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Wow ....Talk about a nice way to spend 5 hours with 3 wheel changes

All i can say is that im totaly exhausted after this.
After having problems with the hub dyno at http://www.rri.se due to exedet wheel axle TQ we decided to go to http://www.Turbocenter.se .
They use the normal type of rollers that most of us are used to.
We used the roto-test lab dyno graph to double check the Turbocenter bench and it was dead on in every different boost we tested
+- a couple of ponnies.
Even showing a bit less then the World standard RRI lab bench.
But never mind that.
AND PLEASE read the entire post.
Had serious problems with wheel spinn on the rollers and i will do a graph of what acctually happends to the TQ curve ~5000-6000rpm.

We tried to solve it but couldent get grip at that rpm ....sorry

Even in 5th gear.
Were the tires slip is visable at the RPM vs MPH line
BTW the 02M handle 650NM in 5th
Here is what it looks like wheel spinn vs no spinn.

Started of in 4th gear and with 1.25 bar of boost test pull.
And now keeping 1.25 with full responce vs the RRI graph it got more TQ but still keept the power to 7000rpm were we basicly decided to crank up some more .
1.25 and 440WHP

1.55bar and 480whp
Some wheel spin but TQ curve look as good as ever.

1.75bar and 521whp
Here we started to get some serious problems with 5th gear

TQ curve should ba as flat as in the graph before.
Were the tires slip is visable at the RPM vs MPH line

2.0 - 1.8bar and 540WHP
Ok the final round.
2bar at 4800rpm falling down to 1.8bar....turbo is totaly out of its range .......about in graph no:!

And do i need to say tires did not hook

But still a nice http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

And here it is with some correction

Smothing vs rpm correction stage 9

540Whp and 590Wheel NM

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Re: (quinntendopower1)

foffa - you are the king!
Time for a 4-mo conversion.

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are the 2 DV valves in there cuz there too much boost to be let off for just one dv
congrats on the numbers. i know you have put tons of blood sweat and tears into this and i can only imagine how good those number must feel.
the 12v guys are going to hate you.
you put down some of the highest numbers ive seen on 1 less cylinder
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