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Overspray removal - Will Clay work?

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My half-ass body shop did a half-ass job of repairing my hatchback. They got overspray on areas of the body.
Will Claying take off overspray or is it only reserved for detail shops with machine buffers?
Oh and to make sure what I think is overspray...
Is it the very fine mist/haze that gets on your windshield and body parts? It makes ur paint dull and rough. Is that overspray? Can someone give me a good explanation of what exactley is overspray?


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Re: Overspray removal - Will Clay work? (SF_VR6)

Yes it will....as I've said before USE PLENTY OF LUBE!!!!!
Re: Overspray removal - Will Clay work? (SF_VR6)

That's what clay bars were originally used for. Lube, hydroplane, lube, hydroplane.... See if you can find either the yellow or blue clay. I bought some gray clay ( think it was meguires ) and it was'nt as good.
Re: Overspray removal - Will Clay work? (SF_VR6)

yeah the clay bar works small miracles, go to kragen and pick up the Mother's clay bar kit and you'll be set.
Re: Overspray removal - Will Clay work? (oldkidVR6)

wal-mart is carrying the mother's clay bar now for about 13.00-14.00! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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