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own Harrison Ford's Volkswagen Squareback from "Witness" movie!

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"MOVIE FANS EVERYWHERE: “LIGHTS, CAR… ACTION!” You are bidding on the one and only famous light-blue Volkswagen (Squareback-Variant) driven and wrecked by Mr. Harrison Ford in the 1985 widely-acclaimed, ever-popular, Oscar-winning movie, WITNESS. Witness was nominated for 8 Academy Awards. Amongst these nominations included Best Picture, Best Director for Peter Weir, Best Actress for Kelly McGillis, and Best Actor for Harrison Ford. Astonishingly, WITNESS is the ONLY film in Harrison Ford’s historically successful acting career (to present date) in which he was ever nominated for an Academy Award! Such films included such famous blockbusters as the original STAR WARS trilogy, Blade Runner, Regarding Henry, etc. amongst numerous other well-received films. This year and season marks the twentieth anniversary of the principle filming of WITNESS. This historic vehicle is being sold “AS IS.” It is arguably perhaps the most famous of Harrison Ford movie props next to his Stetson hat and bullwhip from the popular Indiana Jones trilogy of movies. WITNESS is only the second movie in which Harrison Ford wrecked an automobile. In George Lucas’ 1950ish American Graffiti, Harrison Ford’s character of Bob Falfa did in another vehicle during a drag race in which he 'barrelrolled' it over with his date for the evening (played by Cindy Williams) still inside. Also, later, in the Star Wars series, Harrison plowed his renegade StarWars’ starship, the Millenium Falcon, into an asteroid or two while dodging the imperial TIE fighters. What did TIE stand for? ‘Twin Ion Engine’ of course! Some years later in Seven Days and Seven Nights, Mr. Ford crash landed a DeHavilland Beaver. In WITNESS, however, this little Volkswagen took on an almost spiritual quality in the movie. Indeed, it is a major central character element (if not a character in itself) of it. It was stated by movie critics at the time that if Harrison Ford were not already a star, WITNESS would have made him one. Though the vehicle is presently not running, is has existed in an indoors-protected, gas-tank-empty state ever since the movie finished filming. To reiterate: 2004 marks the twentieth anniversary of the film’s principle production, as well as the twentieth anniversary of the release of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. WITNESS was released one year later in early spring 1985."

if i had the cash, yes i would buy it http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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$85,000? US? They're outta their minds. Love the car, though...
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