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Re: oxygen sensor 1 wire to 3 wire connection (BigL)

Judging by these posts you need the 3 wire O2 sensors.
...89 mustang, taurus or escort....just make sure its a 3 wire sensor. chop off the ford connector and solder or crimp the VW harness to the new sensor. the colors will match up, black to black and white to white (there are 2 white wires, doesnt matter which wires you connect to as long as white goes to white)
all 3 wire o2 sensors work the same way and the ford o2 is actually cheaper than the universal!!! chop off the ford connector and u actually have a universal sensor. mine cost about $38
One thread suggests staggering the cuts so the splices will never short to other wires.

According to these threads you can use a Taurus O2 sensor and they can be found for as little as $29.00.
Good luck.
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