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oxygen sensor problem!!

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My brother's car CEL light was on suddenly and he brought it to dealer this morning and found that it was oxygen sensor problem and need to replace. It costs C$300 or US$190 (parts and labour). His car is a 99.5 GTI GLX. I did a search and nothing come up.. who's else has problem? Too bad the warranty was expired last June (he is one of lucky guy to get the car when it came out).

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Re: oxygen sensor problem!! (etam)

search harder - there was a recall a month ago.
Re: oxygen sensor problem!! (rbenjami)

quote:[HR][/HR]search harder - there was a recall a month ago.[HR][/HR]​
The recall is for 2.0L's only.
More than likely if his O2 sensor went bad his MAF sensor is soon to follow if it hasn't already been replaced. Most of the time the MAF sensor fails and it will kill the O2 sensors.
Re: oxygen sensor problem!! (EPilot)

has anyone had an Oxygen sensor changed when theyre car is chipped. I remember hearing about someone on the Vortex getting the chip or ECU or sumthing all screwed up after the O2 sensor was worked on by the dealership. Anyone????
Re: oxygen sensor problem!! (EPilot)

Yup.. I found tons of thread about O2 sensor recall! I was searching for oxygen sensor not O2

Anyway, as EPilot say, it was only for 4cyc not VR6.
Is US$200 sounds reasonable to replace O2 sensor?
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Re: oxygen sensor problem!! (etam)

$200 isn't unreasonable the O2 sensor is around $100 or a little more.
Plus it's a royal pain in the butt to replace.
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