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Hello everyone, a little info on my car it's a 01 B5 A4 1.8TQM AWM engine fully rebuilt since December 2020. Everything in it is brand new from internals and all maintenance stuff.

Long story short,

Replaced CCT 4 times (1 Bapmic, 2 Bapmic, 3 Old Genuine, 4 Europa OE) still getting P0012 code, chain is brand new, bottom and top end rebuilt. I have an oil pressure gauge hooked up on top of my oil filter housing where there is a test port, my oil pressure at operating temps at idle is 12-13, at 1800 rpm it's 27-28, and at 3000 rpm it's 50-51. It's borderline close to OEM specs, i'm tired of replacing the same part over and over. Asking some advice from people who experienced this and yes I did research on multiple forums but all point to bad CCT even though I used my OEM one it still caused this problem. I'm pretty stumped since the code shows intermittent and doesn't throw a CEL.

Thanks for reading.
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