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I have a 2012 Passat with the 2.5L. I recently bought the car private party and it almost immediately threw the P0456 error. Previous owner indicated they had recently changed the gas cap. I cleaned the cap, the error returned a few days later. A search of this forum indicated that N80 / Purge Valve maybe a culprit. It seemed fine with the VCDS test, but I replaced anyway with a YCT branded one I purchased on Amazon. Two days letter error returned. So, I bought another new OEM gas cap, again error returned. So, at this point I am pretty sure its not a cap or purge valve issue.

I have a few questions I have struggled to find answers to in the countless previous posts on evap systems:

Q1) To run a smoke test, is there an access port to the evap system on the Passat with this motor?

I couldn't find, so just introduced smoke back into the system at the location of the N80 purge valve. When I did this, smoke poured out through the small black canister attached to the Leak Detection Pump. It certainly wasn't a 'very small leak'. I assume there is probably something that is supposed to be powered to close on the LDP to close that vent?
So Q2) - Is there a vcds setting I should be running to before introducing smoke to test for leaks.

The Leak Detection Pump was apparently changed 1 year/10K mile ago, but exactly what parts exactly I am not sure.

Sorry if these are basics and I missed these answers on other threads and appreciate any help folks can provide.

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