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over from the mk2 forum
specs-obd1 swap,autotech 270 cam,stock injectors,stock chip

I finally started the car and here are my issues
1-Car runs very rich at idle(wideband reads 11.4to 10.3
2-sputters up until 3k rpm.
a-Under load and above 3k rpm the car is great(afr is 13.8-14.7)
3-car stalls coming to a stop.
4-The oil buzzer is going of over 3k.(have confirmed great oil pressure)
a-How can i turn of the buzzer i have the sensor grounded and it still goes off
5.I cant scan my ecu,keeps telling me to cycle key
a-i could scan it up until a day or so ago
b- codes where tps shorted to ground and ect sensor shorted to ground
6.I went to test the tps.I did not get 5 volts only .35(testing between pins 1-3)but when grounding the sensor i get 5volts.
a- the ground for the tps meets the ect sensor ground somewhere.I think thats where my problem is.But where is the ground

I have got new plugs and a new o2sensor coming tuesday for it
I have test the maf and it is good.
I have another coil to try also because i believe it is causing the sputtering
the coolant temp gauge in the cluster works also
as you see in the vid the afr is good here but after more time running it goes to about 10.4 to 11.4

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Re: Paging 2.0 guys.Got some issues (Daskoupe)

Sounds like a vacuum issue or maybe the O2 sensor or the TPS.
Seems like the computer isn't reading the a/f right.
Also seems like you're already hunting down things that may be the culprit.
You seem aware of your engine, I'm sure you'll have it sorted in no time.

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Re: FV-QR (Daskoupe)

I had a problem like this with my 2.0 when I first got it. It would sputter and act like it was dying until a little over 3 grand. I had a tps code a maf code and o2 code. It turned out to be the maf. I guess it was actually a recall too on some of the obd1 cars.
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