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Painting Caliper Questions

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Hey fellow Vdubs,
I want to find an inexpensive way to paint my stock calipers a glossy yellow on my yellow NB. I rather not buy the $40-50 caliper kits, but I heard Rustoleum is just as good. What's your thoughts on that or any other paint good on high heat and brake dust? Where can you get good engine enamel paint?
Also, my car is only three months old. Do I need to get some mean brake cleaner or simple green and steel wool is good enough to prep clean my calipers? Any comments would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Painting Caliper Questions (BugginHawaii)

One more thing....I'm planning on putting two coats of a good high-temp glossy paint. Is that enough? Do I need a clearcoat finish too for longevity and better maintenance?
Re: Painting Caliper Questions (BugginHawaii)

I've done both. Its my experience that anything that comes in a spray can will flake off. The only product I've had success with was a caliper kit, which had a 2 part brush on epoxy-like paint. The stuff goes on thick, like a coat of plastic, much like the "PlastiDip stuff you get for covering tool handles. I wonder if PlastiDip would work? Not as temperature resistant, but plenty durable.
Simple green and steel wool wont do it. Get a wire brush and some brake cleaner.
Re: Painting Caliper Questions (BlooBeetle)

I've used high temp engine enamel by Plasticote & it holds up & looks great. Seems to work better than the Rustolem as far as getting a wet finished look. The key here is all in the prep work. Brake kleen The crap out of them while using a Scotch Brite pad. You can remove the calipers w/o disconnecting the brake line for easier access. Remove the pads & mask off what you don't want painted, including the fenders & liners to avoid overspray. Dust on a light coat initially, then follow with a couple of wet coats. Spend 4 bucks vs. fifty.
Re: What color now?

Thanks guys for the response!
Now I'm undecided on what color to paint my calipers. Originally I was going to paint them a glossy yellow. But a friend suggested a glossy black finish on my yellow NB. What color do you recommend on a yellow NB?
Re: What color now? (BugginHawaii)

All these spray paints for your calipers are OK for awhile, but once you start tracking them or drive them hard to where the caliper start to build up alot of heat they start to break down over time. This is a job you want to do only once! Any subsequent touch ups look botched. The best for the money and TIME is the Folia Tech paint. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif They maintain the best finish over time!
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Re: What color now? (1.8t)

I painted mine with red Rustoleum (sp?) 3 years ago, and it still looks great.
good luck
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