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Painting Center Console?

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Hey Everyone. I was wondering, Has anyone tried to paint their center console? or the outside mirrors? I have an '88 Fox GL, In the dark red, and I was thinking about painting the center console red to match.
Would I need to sand it? Or should I just leave it, and be happy that I will have two extra consoles for my car?
Any advice would be great.
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Re: Painting Center Console? (dtompsett)

I like the matching console and carpet setup for smooth purposes, in some ways. I think that your model may have came with the black or brown carpet, and I think that red would probably make it stand out too much. Do you have a black console, or brown, or grey?? I would go with the basic black sans pearls carpet for starts, if you don't have it. Then maybe a black console, just cleaned up real good and a good coat of silicone.
I am waiting on a shift boot from Brazil, that might work to spice up the interior some for you. Anthracite (Scott) says his is great, but it is grey. Hmmm. Maybe dye the dagum thing. We'll see if we can get it in black. Working on an e-brake cover in the same leatherette material. I got the demo version of the shift boot, was the wrong size bottom, but seemed like a decent piece, and Z says that the new one he is offering is nicer. Scott above seems to agree.
Mirrors, I have seen painted mirrors fly by me at a high rate of speed. I have always wanted to paint the trim and mirrors body color (on mine, silver), because that fly by mentioned above had been done that way, and done very well.
Spraycan jobs in red I think will look just like that. See what the pros say. My current concern is the fact that I use liberal silicone, and I hear that it is hard to remove for painting. So my trim may undergo some Plasticcote paint in black, and if I don't like it, it will become like Adams. I have used Forever Black, and I like it also. Due to my aforementioned use of slicone, though, I can't seem to get it "right". Maybe when I pull everything off, it will work better.
Good luck, and tell us how it went. You guys up by Adam have some interesting setups on your Foxes.......
Silicone mad and getting madder all the time.
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