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Painting Center Console?

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Hey Everyone. I was wondering, Has anyone tried to paint their center console? or the outside mirrors? I have an '88 Fox GL, In the dark red, and I was thinking about painting the center console red to match.
Would I need to sand it? Or should I just leave it, and be happy that I will have two extra consoles for my car?
Any advice would be great.
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Re: Painting Center Console? (dtompsett)

you goto your grocery store and get one of those plastic scrubbies you would use on your dirty dishes. make scrub every part of the console. soak it in hot water for about 15 mins to get all the dirt and stuff off. dry it. Spary it with flat red. then get a clear coat and spray it on for protection. thats how me and my friend do it.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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